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918Kiss is back to its winning ways and overwhelming competitors in the slots industry with a brand new and improved version of the previous site. Known as SCR888 in its previous iteration, 918Kiss now sports a highly attractive layout along with an appealing overall design.

We’d surmise this is one of the reasons why it’s attracting so much traffic lately. But that’s not the only reason for the platform’s recently increasing popularity — trouncing industry rivals Spadegaming and Mega888.

A significant plus point for 918Kiss is definitely the ease-of-access that many gambling aficionados will appreciate. The 918Kiss app is available as a free download for both iOS and Android.

And as far as gaming catalogues go, 918Kiss isn’t shy in the least in offering a vast number of games that caters to both beginners and well-seasoned players. In fact, 918Kiss has up to 100 mini slot games which is on par with other leading slot game providers. These options range from games allowing for extremely low bets (as little as one cent!), to higher amounts for the high rollers. In particular, the cheapest options are a great start for beginners to try and get the hang of the games without fear of losing big bucks.

Popular 918Kiss Games

918Kiss Games with the Highest Payout:

Recommendations-wise, we’d highly suggest trying out Ocean King — a massively popular game on the site. Ocean King differs slightly from your typical slot games, as this game does not employ the traditional spinning reels that you may come to expect from a normal slot machine. Instead, the game is set, well, under the ocean.

Players earn monetary rewards by the number of fishes that they catch, with each fish representing a different value. Do keep a lookout for other notable and rarer marine life such as crabs or tofu fish as these catches reward up to 20 times more than usual.

Apart from that, other arcade-style games are also available if you’re a retro-head. The slot games are especially a favourite among gamers. Robin Hood is a top choice for newer and veteran players. This game involves five four-row reels with 12 symbols each, which includes specials and 15 pay lines. Moreover, money and coins aren’t the only things you’ll potentially win while playing Robin Hood. Free games are also up for grabs!

These recommendations are, of course, not the full extent of games available on 918Kiss. The website is also home to other popular online gaming options including Monkey ThunderBolt, Cherry Love Slot, Black Jack, and Roulette. Whereas, other popular slot games also include Pan Jin Lian, Spartan, God of Wealth, and Safari Heat.

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to the casino, we’d suggest saving your time and effort and instead spend it on browsing through 918Kiss’ catalogue.

Who knows? You could even score the big one with enough luck and patience.

Highest Paying 918Kiss Games

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Speaking of big ones, you’ll want to keep an eye out for games that will pay more to the players i.e. high payout games. Just keep in mind that just because these games are classified as high payout games, they do not necessarily reward players more frequently.

After all, there is an inherent risk when it comes to the slots. That’s where your judgement on which game to sink your time and effort comes in. Here are some of the highest paying games available on 918Kiss:

  • Gong Xi Fa Cai: A game with five reels and 25 pay lines with an RTF of 95% (considered high by our books), along with opportunities to earn a bonus on specific pay lines.
  • Cleopatra: Another game which offers high payouts right from the very start. Furthermore, also expect bonus features such as free spins that will increase your winning chances.
  • Reels of Fortunes: This game gives you one of the best odds of winning huge cash prizes with a payout of 95%. Make every little bit of your investment count and maximize your earnings!

The Perks of Using The 918Kiss Platform

You may be wondering: What makes a popular online gaming platform stand out from the rest?

We’ll tell you it’s two simple concepts 918Kiss has truly mastered: Accessibility and Customer Satisfaction.

If there’s one thing 918Kiss is known for, it’s exactly what we’ve mentioned above. Among the features that have garnered 918Kiss such high satisfaction in past and new customers lies in its perks.

For one, you’ll get a massive 30% bonus if you’re a brand new player signing up for the website. Recurring visitors also need not worry either, as there is an unlimited 8% redeposit bonus available. For Malaysian players, there is a 5% unlimited deposited on offer for casino slots.

Other perks available on 918Kiss also include free spins, free games, and bonus games. Otherwise, do expect the following features that’ll elevate your gaming experience:

  • Unlimited Seats: Jump in immediately on any gaming table and start your online gaming journey!
  • Great Graphics: Akin to how casinos portray themselves, you may also expect exciting and bright visuals when you play on 918Kiss.
  • The Sounds: The sound effects round off an excellent gaming experience, adding to the excitement, particularly during the last 10-second countdown.

Oh, and we haven’t forgotten about the accessibility aspect either.

As opposed to its competitors, 918Kiss is an APK-available app, which makes accessing your account and playing a game a breeze. Checking your balance and making deposits is also much simpler to do. And 918Kiss also ensures that all monetary transactions are safe and secure.

918Kiss Events In A Nutshell

Likewise, 918Kiss is an online casino games provider well-known for its seasonal events for new and returning customers. Looking back just a year ago (June 2019), a campaign was launched in which new members were rewarded with free credits.

During the event, new registering members would be able to claim the free credits in their accounts. This credit may also be used as bets for the slot games. This particular event led to 918Kiss’ highest recorded registrations to date, with around 7,000 new members signing up.

You may be thinking that you’ve lost your best shot at starting your gaming career, but fret not as 918Kiss offers seasonal events quite frequently. Do expect similar or new events that will make playing on 918Kiss an exciting affair.

For instance, mere months ago saw an event named the “Free Credit, No Deposit Malaysia and Singapore” being held on the site. This event was aimed at rewarding existing members with a lucky spin which then awarded them with free credits from a pool of RM 8,888 and up to RM 88,888 in prize.

For future and upcoming promotions/events, your best bet is to simply log on to the 918Kiss Website to have a look. The Promotions tab is exactly the spot you’d want to check out.


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