Cash Fish — It’s Fishing Season!

Big fan of fishing but couldn’t be bothered to head outside for a spot of angling out on the great blue sea? We’ve got great news for you, now you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to swing your rod.

Join the latest craze in the ever-popular “Fish Hunter” genre and cash out your winnings at the top (or should we say, at the bottom of the sea)! 

We’re of course referring to Cash Fish, one of Playtech’s widely acclaimed online table game in the aforementioned “Fish Hunter” category. 

In Cash Fish, you get to explore the mysterious depths of the ocean to accumulate infinite treasures and hidden gems — the entire table game was creatively designed with a simple, yet addictive gameplay to make it seem like you’re angling for a big catch. 

And as far as gameplay goes, the aim is to catch as many of the 20 varieties of marine creatures available in the underwater setting. You don’t have to worry about using a flimsy fishing rod, as the game equips you with up to three powerful guns to get the job done. Additionally, you could even make good use of the limited special items and features to boost your chances of winning.

Of note, do keep an eye out for the Golden Dragon which affords a payout of up to 888 coins. Also, don’t ever miss out on the chance to participate in the Fishing Season where you may catch a whole school of fishes in one fell swoop!

But before we move on to a more detailed look at the game, here’s a simple history lesson on the oft controversial “Fish Hunter” genre for y’all.

What Is A Fish Hunter Game?

Wildly popular in Asia, but almost unheard of in the United States, “Fish Hunter” games first appeared more than a decade ago in China. The game quickly developed a reputation as the harmonious melding of both a casino machine and arcade entertainment. 

The game involves a fairly straightforward mechanic which includes fishing for a variety of marine animals using a physical control — oftentimes in the form of fishing rods. This makes for simple and addictive gameplay that is particularly popular among seniors — a rare sight in modern arcades at the time. 

Nowadays, “Fish Hunter” games have made the trek into the online casino world. Unsurprisingly, copycats have also been popping up to ride on the waves (get it?) of popularity of the original Fish Hunter games. 

Today, modern fishing games go by many names — Fish Hunter, King of Treasures, Dragon Hunter, Ocean King — but the commonality between them is that the objective is to feed money, catch/kill the fishes, and win big.

What You Need To Know Playing Cash Fish

There’s a couple of things to note when you’re playing Cash Fish.

For one, the game looks stunning in terms of its visual and sound effects. The schools of fish look as if they’ve been plucked straight out of a well-animated Pixar film (Finding Nemo, perhaps?).

Otherwise, Cash Fish also excels over its peers in the following departments:

  • A huge, diverse line up of backgrounds, game modes, forms, fishes, and interactive sea critters
  • Accessibility to the game from anywhere and at any time with only a computer/smartphone and an active Internet connection
  • Various interesting game modes suitable for plenty of playstyles
  • A variety of different rewards associated with each species of underwater marine creatures as shown in the paytable below

Cash Fish Paytable

As we’ve said, each fish on the screen will award players with differing amount of coins. But in addition to that, the durability of each fish species also differ according to their value. Some fish may be captured/killed easily, whereas others are more resilient — these are the fishes you should strive for as they award you with more cash when you take them out.

We’d recommend surveying the lay of the land and paying attention to the fishes before you decide on your target(s). Plus, if you’re lucky, you might even encounter Fishing Season wherein fishes are more likely to travel in large schools. Ergo, you’ll have an easier time rounding them up!

Cash Fish Game Modes & Special Gadgets

Of course, Cash Fish at its core is an online game albeit one with a fishing mechanic. And as we all know, games come in various types of game modes. There are three game modes in Cash Fish and each one offers a different level of firepower. 

This means choosing the correct game mode for your style of play is paramount in determining how fast you can shoot the fishes. The modes are range from the single gun option to the dual gun option to the triple gun mode. As you would’ve guessed, the triple guns get the job done the easiest. 

However, each game mode also depends on the number of credits you put in. For the most affordable single gun mode, one to nine coins would suffice. For the double gun, you’ll need to fork out 10 to 90 coins each round. Lastly, the triple gun is the most expensive of the lot as you’ll need 100 to 1000 coins to access this mode. 

Last but not least, your journey to be the top angler will also be aided by bonus gadgets like bombs. This feature is pretty advantageous for you as it clears the entire screen all at once of fishes, leaving only dragons alive. If at any point after activating a bomb there is no fish left, you’ll then receive up to x5 in rewards, with the max multiplier of the game set to x5,000.


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