Super 8 Ways Ultimate — The Ultimate Vegas Slots Experience

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Can’t make it to Vegas but have a hankering to take on Lady Luck’s challenge? With the advent of a multitude of online slots platforms, you may start your Las Vegas casino adventure today regardless of wherever you may be. 

Case in point, the increasingly popular Super 8 Ways Ultimate slot game (released by Asia-based developer Spadegaming, is gaining a ton of momentum as THE online video slot of choice for many players around the globe.

Interest piqued? Read on to find out more about this highly fun and exciting slot game.

A Brief Introduction To Super 8 Ways Ultimate Slots

If you’re a fan of the retro style slots of yesteryear, then Super 8 Ways Ultimate is just the thing that could very well top your list of favourites. 

Without the need for any extra exotic themes or fancy graphics, this game is a barebones and purely traditional online slot where you play for the chance to win cash in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner.

Super 8 Way Ultimate slot provides the classic configuration of three-reel and eight-pay lines. Specifically, the pay lines here include three verticals, three horizontal rows, and two diagonals — alluding to the name “8-Ways” as there are, in total, eight ways to win in the game. 

And unlike other slots which may attract punters and players via enticing graphics, sound, and an enchanting lore, Super 8 Ways Ultimate slot’s charm lies in its simplicity. The jet black background paired together with short jingles makes for an excellent and unabashed slots game experience (for which you may find on Play88 online casino).

Super 8 Ways Ultimate Slot’s Simple Gameplay

Allow us to reiterate once more. 

Super 8 Ways Ultimate, being a classic slot game, doesn’t involve a whole lot of bells and whistles when it comes to gameplay. In this case, you won’t find any scatter symbols or a random wild symbol that other modern incarnations of slot games may feature. Instead, you’ll need to land three symbols on one of the eight available winning lines to fill up your pockets.

Some may argue that the classic approach is the more difficult one — seeing as you have fewer opportunities to land on the desired tile — but we’d argue otherwise. There are fewer things to distract you from a potential losing streak. Also, there’s a certain satisfaction in earning your coin(s) the good old way — if you’re lucky enough that is.

Typically, you begin a game by choosing a bet amount. This bet could range from 0.05 to 20.0 per credit to spin the reels each time. And unlike various other modern slots, an Autoplay button is absent here. So get your trigger finger ready, it’s going to be a long night on this fun slots platform.

Bonus Features Of Super 8 Ways Ultimate Slot

In the event that you do land on a winning combination, you’ll then earn the chance to double up on your winnings by unlocking additional gamble features known as Double Winnings or Half Double. 

These optional features allow you to gain access to a mini-game which give you the opportunity to earn a bigger reward. Once you select either the Half Double or Double Up option, a dealer’s window pops up together with a player’s reel. The reel will spin until it lands on a symbol on the dealer’s window. Your goal is to match the symbol as the one on the reel, whereby predicting correctly will continue the game while a wrong answer ends it. You may also stop the round by selecting the Collect option. Your winnings will then get added, and you will be directed to the base game.

Super 8 Ways Ultimate Slot’s Rewarding Payout

As for the rewards, players may expect to gain four to 1,000 coins when they score a winning combination on the pay lines, with the Double Up symbol being the highest paying one. For example, landing it on all reels will yield you 1,000 credits. 

On a lesser note, landing blue 7s on all the reels will earn you 200, whereas red 7s and white 7s awards 100 and 50 credits respectively when they land on all three reels.

Triple, double, and single bars will bring in rewards in the 10 to 40 credits range. And any bars on all the three reels will award the lowest payout at only four.

Last but not least, is the holy grail of slot machines i.e. scoring a jackpot. Players who are extremely fortunate enough to land blue 7s on all the reels will be awarded the jackpot of 1,000,000. And on a less profitable note, the second-highest prize possible is 50,000 credits and can be scored by landing eight blue 7s or nine red 7s on all the reels.

Super 8 Ways Ultimate Tips & Tricks

As with any other online gaming platform, there are certain things you do that may/may not improve your chances of winning. But do be warned, these tips aren’t meant to ensure a 100% win rate. 

  • Keep expectations low: The first rule of playing the slots is to not expect to hit the jackpot at all. Bigger jackpots mean a lower chance of you actually hitting it, so keep your expectations in check.
  • Practice, practice, practice: Don’t worry about not having enough funds, there is a free demo version which will allow you to practise. Form a strategy while you practise, and once you’re confident, stake your money on the real deal! 
  • Go big or go home: Higher bets equal a higher winning chance. Similarly, having a large starting fund and playing minimal amounts over the course of a long time may instead suit your playstyle.


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