Allbet Gaming — All In On The Asian Gaming Scene’s Newest Platform

Sitting at just around six years as a full-fledged Company, Allbet Gaming is a relatively new Asian developer established as recently as 2014. The Company provides the most innovative products and services in the online casino industry, and more particularly, in the live casino scene.

And while the Company was initially focused on providing the best live casino platform for the Asian market, recent rumblings have also indicated that the team behind Allbet Gaming is keen on expanding its products and services to European players as well.

To that end, on top of a license issued by the Philippine Amusement And Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), Allbet Gaming has also been granted licenses to operate in the UK and Europe from the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority respectively.

Furthermore, Allbet Gaming has also been given their credentials by third-party testing houses such as Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

About Allbet Gaming

For the Allbet Group, the vision of the Allbet brand has always been about bringing something new(er) to the table. It is about developing innovative ideas and products that will push the industry and the Company forward into a brighter future. 

But while Allbet Gaming has yet to provide live casino games that are truly one-of-a-kind, they do indeed try to inject their offerings with something a little out of the norm each time. For instance, their multi-play function allows players to keep an eye on up to 12 scorecards and displays. 

Additionally, players may also preset their bets beforehand to cover four to eight tables, choose to be dealt six cards first, access and exclusive use of the VIP table, and more! In combination, these efforts have led to Allbet Gaming to emerge as one of the best live casino providers in the industry.

Allbet Gaming is specifically adept at providing one of the best live baccarat platforms in the biz today.

And that’s not all, as Allbet Gaming has finally made the transition into the realm of mobile gaming. More particularly, Allbet Gaming’s mobile platform affords its clients the ability to access the platform anytime and anywhere — 24/7, 365 days a year.  

Games & Products By Allbet Gaming

As we’ve said, Allbet Gaming’s bread and butter lie in its live casino. And speaking of live casinos, the Allbet live studio is located in Makati in the Philippines. The state-of-the-art studio also covers an area of about 1,500 square meters with five distinct game halls — Dragon Hall, Speed Hall, Multi-play Hall, VIP Hall, BidMe Hall — within its walls offering special features and functions designed to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

Moreover, the multi-table environment of the Allbet Gaming live studios also adds a pinch of authenticity to the gaming experience — much like what you’d get from an online casino. However, the lack of noise by the dealers does put a damper on the gaming experience. But fret not, as there is a pre-recorded voice option to give the games some life.   

As far as user interface goes, you may be put off by the clutter of information on the screen, but believe us when we say, this is typically the norm when it comes to Asian developers cramming their lobbies with as much information as possible — Allbet is certainly not an exception in this department.  

Along with the dealer’s profile and detailed statistics, you’ll also find the number of players currently betting on each of the tables, the value of the chips in play,  and even an indicator showing the stage of the game is in. Also, a timer is helpful to show the remaining time to place bets.

But aside from the live casino games, Allbet also offers players the chance to partake in Air Fighter — a probability-based air combat shooting game involving a whole range of authentic and impressive fighter jets.

Allbet Live Baccarat

The Asian casino community is no stranger to the classic game of baccarat, so it comes as no surprise that Allbet has poured a ton of effort and resources into providing the best live baccarat experience to their customers.

Allbet Gaming offers both standard and no-commission live baccarat using eight decks. Some side bets also include Player and Banker Pair (11:1) or Small and Big.

If you like your games quick and fast, you’ll appreciate the 15-second (instead of 25 seconds to place your bets) Quick Baccarat. But if you’re a high-roller, you should head straight to the VIP section. The VIP Baccarat offered by Allbet Gaming comes with a few special rules. One of them is the “Reserve” mode wherein you’ll be able to open cards yourself instead of the system doing it automatically.

The BidMe Baccarat also features some special rules related to the manual reveal of your hand. A player may reveal the Banker’s card first when they bet a bigger amount on the Banker compared to other players. On the other hand, they may also reveal the Player hand if their stake is higher than everyone else’s.

Allbet Live Dragon Tiger

Often described as a mirror to a poker game, Dragon Tiger is more akin to baccarat in our books. The only difference here is that only one card is dealt to either side. 

The Allbet Live Dragon Tiger game uses six decks and only offers the standard rules i.e. Dragon or Tiger with an even payout, while a Tie pays 8:1. The highest RTP in Dragon Tiger is 96.30%.

Allbet Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game played with three dice shaken in a machine-operated glass container. The goal of the game is to try and determine the outcome of the dice rolls. There are numerous betting options to place a wager on including Small, Big, Tie, Odds/Evens, specific combinations, and the highest payout outcome (150:1) for specific triples.  

The layout here is almost identical to that of the Allbet Gaming Live Baccarat, except for the history panel which displays an overview of the Odd/Even outcomes, sums, and individual dice numbers.

Allbet Live Roulette

Who could forget about roulette?

The live version of this classic casino offering is played in the European style with a single zero. The video feed of the Allbet Gaming Live Roulette live streams the dealer next to the physical wheel, and a zoom-in feature allows players to get a closer look at the spinning wheel at any time.

As for the interface, the digital betting table is displayed on the right. And players may also use the racetrack below to place French bets like the third cylinder, neighbours of zero, and so on.

A detailed history tab at the very bottom of the page showing the results of the last 50 rounds then encapsulates the Allbet Live Roulette experience. The overview of the game includes the number of times the ball lands on Red, Black, Big, Small, Dozen, Column, and Odd/Even — more than enough to help you make an informed decision.


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