Fishing World — Get To Know The World Under The Sea More Intimately

Fishing games or “Fish Hunter” genres offer an interesting take on the classic slot games

For one, they are void of any semblance of slots which makes it a rather refreshing experience in the eyes of the players. Secondly, these games are also thematically different from most online slots in the market today. More particularly, fishing games are set in, well, the aquatic world. And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love the ocean?

Enter Fishing World — a fishing game developed by top gaming provider GG Gaming.

An Overview of Fishing World

Long removed from its fairly shady past in dimly lit “arcades” and supermarkets, the “Fish Hunter” games of today have finally crossed the metaphorical ravine to arrive in the realm of the online gaming world

And Fishing World is no different as you may play the game from almost any mobile devices including Android/iOS smartphones and tablets. If you would rather play on a bigger screen, Fishing World also comes in the form of a PC web browser version for easier consumption. 

But aside from accessibility, Fishing World is well-received by fans of fishing games primarily because of the excellent graphics and animations that go into the product. From terrifying deep-sea aquatic critters to vibrant schools of fish to friendly saltwater crustaceans, Fishing World has it all!

Oh, and have we mentioned the beautifully crafted majestic lakes and underwater levels found in the game? Each level also comes with separate stories, along with a list of different tasks and challenges, which makes Fishing World an awesomely diverse playing experience. 

Aside from that, you’ll also get the chance to find some easter eggs and hidden secrets along your journey to be the best angler. 

Fishing World Gameplay Features

As far as gameplay goes, Fishing World is as straightforward as they come. Not only is the game gorgeous, but the fish-shooting game also comes with plenty of great features.

  • Simple, Easy Gameplay: One of the main criteria of an excellent game, Fishing World’s controls are very easy to master. Shooting, releasing ammo, and even target-locking is easily understandable here.
  • Easily Progress In-game: Fishing World features linear game progress which allows players to easily redeem rewards, upgrade levels, buy more equipment, and so on.
  • The Different Betting Tiers: Unlike other fishing games with merely two to three different bet levels, Fishing World has a multitude of bets available ranging from x0.1 to x100.

The Attractive Bonuses: Obviously, the extremely attractive bonuses offered by Fishing World is just the icing on the cake for the players. Specifically, players have the chance to earn up to double the number of points in addition to countless other attractive rewards.

The Basics Of Fishing World

As we’ve mentioned above, Fishing World’s mechanics are very straightforward. The game is fun and addictive precisely because of that.

Upon booting up the game, you’ll notice a varied group of colourful fishies (up to 30 types!) swimming idyll across your screen. Each fish will, of course, correspond to a different value — with the bigger fishes fetching a heftier reward.

Here are some basic tips and tricks to get you started on Fishing World:

  • Pick the bet level which best suits your playstyle, skills, and amount of funds you’re planning on using.
  • Continuously targeting the same fish will give you more chances to capture it. And when you do catch it, you will gain points equal to the number of fishes caught and the bullets used.
  • Don’t worry if you miss your target. Upon hitting the frame of the screen, the bullets will be reflected and continue to move until it hits a fish. Use this to your advantage!  
  • Double tapping a fish will auto-focus on it. This means your gun will only target the fish that you’ve locked onto.
  • In the event there is a connection error or any network interruptions, coins will be returned based on the last balance captured in the game. The RTP rate for this scenario is typically from around 95% to 97%.

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