Fishing God — Be The Master Of The Seven Seas!

From renowned Philippines-based online slots provider, Spadegaming comes one of the most unique offerings (and a far cry from their usual slot games) among the myriad of gaming titles in their books. We’re of course referring to Fishing God — an arcade-style shoot-’em-up-inspired game and Spadegaming’s latest attempt at breaching the ever-popular fishing game genre. 

In Fishing God, take a journey deep down into the mysterious depths of the ocean to test your fishing skills. You may aim for various types of fishes and oceanic creatures which will award a whole range of different payouts if you do indeed manage to capture them. And as there are multiple special fishes available, you will also have the chance to enjoy an even wider variety of winnings.

Fishing God isn’t a game that’s a one-and-done release either. It has seen a resurgence in popularity among fishing fans due to regularly scheduled updates which have added a series of interesting features through the years.

Fishing God In Review

In terms of gameplay, the only thing that sets Fishing God apart from other fishing games is the fact that the game features more than 40 different dragon bosses (much more than any other fishing games, honestly), as well as many, many types of valuable fishes to catch.

The game was developed with a vivid, colourful sparkle in mind — much like that from the animated underwater realm of Finding Nemo. The goal, as a player, is to gain as much gold as possible by shooting the schools of fish that are swimming across your screen. Your final reward will be based on the time cleared and the number of fishes caught/killed. 

Obviously, smaller fishes will only fetch you a much lower payout. And while the bigger catches will indeed pay more, the difficulty in capturing these elusive creatures will also increase exponentially. The key here is to plan smartly and strategize with your funds! 

For instance, regular fishes will only afford you payouts in the range of x2 and x50. Whereas, other fishes could bring you higher payouts (somewhere between x30 to x70 and up to x200 your max bet). But the biggest payout will be awarded if you manage to capture the Dragon King. This elusive mythical creature may reward you with a payout minimum of x60 and up to x888 your original wager.

And if that wasn’t interesting enough, Fishing God has plenty of promotions and events, in addition to daily tasks available to incentivize hunting as much fish as possible to receive the maximum amount of rewards everyday.

Fishing God Gameplay Features

Fishing God comes in three modes of varying difficulties — easy, normal, and hard mode. You may then pick the game mode which best reflects your ability and playstyle. Do be warned though, the type of room you choose will also determine the size of the bets you will make. So plan accordingly!

  • Junior Playroom (Easy): The value (and number) of the bullets ranges from 0.01 coins to one coin, which makes this game mode the best entry-level mode for beginners.
  • Expert Playroom (Normal): For something a little more challenging, this game room is just the thing for you. Bullet values range from 0.1 coins to five coins.
  • Godlike Playroom (Hard): This game mode is reserved only for the best of the best shooters, and is where all the elite gunners gather. If you’re looking to join the cream of the crop, you’ll have to fork out between one to 10 coins for ammo here.

Looking to conquer the Seven Seas, but finding it a tad too difficult? Don’t play alone! Invite your friends along to join in on the hunt at the bottom of the sea to improve your chances of landing the big catches.

Fishing God Bonuses & Special Items

Made up your mind on which game mode to pick? Great! Let us move on to some of the special items and potential rewarding encounters you may face in the game. These creatures are more than likely to bring bountiful rewards to you, so do remember to keep an eye out for them.

  • Lazer Crab: Rewards up to x120 your bet and will also award you with a cannon that has a wider range of effect.
  • Drill Crab: Similarly rewards up to x120 of your wager but will instead equip you with the Drilling Cannon.
  • Bomb Crab: Another variation of the crab species in Fishing God, this bombastic crustacean will award you with up to x120 your initial bet. Additionally adds a bomb to your arsenal for a limited time.
  • Wheel Crab: Once captured, this creature will trigger an additional feature. If you’re particularly lucky, you might be rewarded with a payout of up to x300!
  • Flash Jellyfish: Awards a payout of up to x120 your initial bet when caught. Also, capturing this jellyfish will trigger a wave of electric across the screen that will strike random fishes for more rewards!

Also, in the event that you manage to activate the rapid-fire cannon, you will be given between 60 to 100 free bullets to shoot with — which is essentially the same as the free spins other slots will occasionally offer their players.

Another special feature is the Golden Fortune Bag which will give players a major reward of up to x200 in cash. When this feature is activated, you will be given three Golden Fortune Bags to choose from — each having prizes of varying values. 

Last but not least is the Dragon King’s Treasure. This reward is triggered when the Dragon King is captured and may give those fortunate enough a reward between x10 and x300 your initial wager. But hunting the fabled being may be a difficult endeavour to undertake alone. We’d definitely suggest partying up with a few friends to take on the challenge!


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