eBET — Asia’s Own iGaming Extraordinaire

While relatively new in the mobile gaming department, eBET is considered one of the first supplier of mobile gaming content in Asia. The Company, founded in 2012, is committed to providing an intuitive and interactive live casino platform customized to suit the needs of its mobile users. Trusted by millions of players throughout Asia alone, eBET’s award-winning products are fully supported on desktop, H5, Mac, iOS, and Android.

And as far as products go, eBET is a maestro in providing a variety of live casino games to both its players and operators. Think a diverse range of state-of-the-art games that can be found at some of the leading Asian online casinos then you’ve got a pretty good idea of what eBET entails.

Most notably, eBET is currently on a mission to expand its services to cover a larger portion of Asia and the world at large. As part of this expansion measure, the live casino platform has decided to partner up with another big name in the market, Microgaming to further expand on its product offerings.

About The eBET Live Casino Platform

Products-wise, eBET offers a more straightforward live casino experience to its audience, with a total of five live dealer games currently making up their portfolio. Of note, eBET’s website also mentions two new upcoming live casino games — eBET 3D Live and Fortune Wheel.

Here are the live dealer games available on eBET:

eBET’s Live Baccarat

Ah yes. It wouldn’t truly be a legit live casino platform without the inclusion of good old baccarat.

eBet offers a number of different baccarat tables — all of which are of different bet limits and all the tables utilize the standard baccarat rules. The full roadmaps may also be viewed on the screen, along with game-related statistics for those who are into numbers.

But aside from the normal Player/Banker and Tie bets, you may also place an optional Pairs side bet which pays at a rate of 11/1. 

eBET’s Live Roulette

Using the standard European rules, eBET’s Live Roulette is unsurprisingly a blast to play. The game uses two high-quality cameras — one aimed at the dealer and one at the wheel itself. Once the game starts, the camera will zoom in so that you can closely monitor the ball spinning on the wheel.

Like all other games available on eBET, the Live Roulette interface features a detailed view of the games played at a particular table. This tab is found at the bottom of the screen. And there are various betting options available as well.

To place French, Call, or Neighbour bets, you may activate the Racetrack view by tapping on the “Switch Play” button at the bottom-left-hand-corner of the screen.

eBET’s Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is another popular game that’s offered at a number of Asian-oriented online casinos. So it does come as no surprise that eBET does have the classic Chinese dice game as part of their product range.

In eBET’s version of the game, you’ll find up to 50 different bet options. Each round of Sic Bo takes 60 seconds, wherein you’ll have this amount of time to place your bets — more than ample time to place your chips down (figuratively), we reckon.

Each table also uses multiple camera angles to capture even the most minute details, so that you won’t miss out on the dice being rolled.

And below the betting grid, you’ll, of course, find a detailed set of statistics from previous games. This allows you to take a peek into past results and to observe trends.

eBET’s Live Dragon Tiger

Based on classic baccarat, Dragon Tiger is a simple albeit popular Asian card game offered by eBET. A card is dealt to two players i.e. the Dragon and the Tiger, and the highest hand among them wins — that’s literally all there is to it. Bettors then wager on which party has the winning hand, or simply, a tie by betting on “Tie”.

eBET’s Dragon Tiger is pretty much straightforward as well, as you won’t find any side bet options here. One plus point for the eBET Dragon Tiger game is that it can host an unlimited number of players at a time. And like all of the provider’s live dealer games, an interface of detailed statistics may also be found at the bottom of the screen.

Indeed, this fast-paced, simple game is always a hit among those who want to minimize the time between their rounds of gameplay.

eBET’s Live Bull Bull

Now, Bull Bull isn’t a particularly well-known game by and large in the Western world. But this is what makes it especially charming. Also known as Niu Niu, this traditional card game is mostly played in Asia and was first popularized online by Asia Gaming.

In eBET’s version of Bull Bull, the standard betting options are present. Likewise, you’ll also find a detailed screen filled to the brim with a particular table’s game history. If you aren’t well versed in Bull Bull, there’s also an informational file on how to play the game — though, a certain level of translation work may be required as the guide isn’t in English.

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