Get Lucky & Score The Winning Numbers With QQ Keno!

If you’re a savant in the game of guessing numbers i.e. playing the lottery, you would’ve undoubtedly come across a couple of big names in the market today.

And on top of this (online) lottery mountain stands QQ Keno — a popular and reputable brand in the lottery biz in the Asia and Southeast Asia region.

The ever-popular QQ Keno, like any other modern-day lottery game, features a number-based gaming system offering rewards and payouts based on a wide range of winning requirements. In short, bet types are wide and varied so you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of chances to win!

These days, QQ Keno is able to stand toe-to-toe with the best of them when it comes to other  online gaming platforms focusing on the multitude of gambling facets like slots, live casinos, sports betting, fishing games, and so on.

But before we drone on about QQ Keno, here’s a short history lesson.

The Briefest of History On Keno

The term Keno originates from the French word “Quine”, which denotes a set of five winning lottery numbers. But aside from the French-inspired name, Keno’s deep-rooted history is mostly attributed to the East — namely, in China.

According to legend, Keno had a major influence in the construction of a monumental structure in China’s history. We’re of course referring to the Great Wall of China, wherein it is said that Keno played a part in raising funds to build the majestic architecture. However, Keno (and other lotteries) was then briefly banned in China until 1847, where certain operators managed to revive the game by obtaining approval from Macao.

Soon after, playing Keno became a lot more accessible to a wider range of players across the country as more and more operators began to pop up. Today, a player may be able to access any Keno-type games from wherever they are in the world with the Internet. Moreover, gone are the days of long, drawn-out rounds of drawing numbers as players may expect a lightning-quick round in under about 30 seconds. Similarly, instant cash rewards are also the norm these days.

QQ Keno is available in most Asian markets, as well as in countries like Australia, Slovakia, Beijing, Malta, and Canada. A variety of draws range from the 30s, 60s, 90s, and 120s markets. And while these draw times may look time-consuming, they aren’t too bad. On the contrary, QQ Keno’s 30-second draws are relatively fast compared to other lottery games of similar ilk.

Indeed, QQ Keno is the ideal online game for both professional and casual gamblers looking to take part in quickfire rounds of lottery games.

Types Of Bets On QQ Keno

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Lotteries aren’t exactly easy to make a profit off of, and that’s to be expected. That is to say, not many come in expecting to win the big one immediately. 

That being said, QQ Keno offers a varied range of bet types which will hopefully improve your chances of winning some moolah. The types of bets found in the QQ Keno online lottery game include:

  • Big/Small: Takes into consideration two possible outcomes where if the combination of drawn numbers is in between 210 to 809, Small pays out. On the other hand, Big wins if the value ranges from 811 to 1410. Choosing which one to wager on will depend entirely on your judgement, along with a dash of luck of course.
  • Even/Odd: This type of bet is particularly popular among lottery players in Malaysia. Comparatively easier and similar to the Big/Small bet, Even/Odd requires the players to guess whether the combination of drawn numbers will either be odd or even.
  • Upper/Middle/Lower: This bet gives punters a choice between Upper (drawing any numbers in the range of 01 to 40), Middle (drawing any numbers from 41 to 80), and Lower (drawing anything above 81).
  • Odd Amount: This bet type is calculated with 20 numbered balls. Anything greater than 811 and is also an odd number will payout.
  • Small Odd: This bet type is also calculated with 20 numbered balls. If the resulting combination is 810 or lower and is also an odd number, you’ll win.
  • Even Number: When the total value of the 20 drawn numbers is more than 811, as well as being an even number, the bet pays out.
  • Small Even: When the total amount of the 20 drawn numbers equals to 810 or lower, and the number is also even, the bet pays out.
  • Gold: The net value of the drawn numbers falls in the range of 210 to 695.
  • Wood: The outcome of the draw falls in between 696 and 763.
  • Water: The overall value of the drawn numbers are in the range of 764 to 855.
  • Fire: The overall value of the draw is between 856 and 923.
  • Land: The total value of the drawn numbers ranges from 924 to 1410.
  • Draw: If the combination of numbers amounts to exactly 810, Draw wins.

How to Play QQ Keno?

Now that you’ve figured out the fundamentals of QQ Keno, it’s time to play!

It’s not exactly rocket science when it comes to playing this lottery game. In QQ Keno, there are 80 numbers at any given time that can be drawn. These numbers are given the value 01 to 80.

A round starts when 20 numbers are drawn, and a win is calculated based on the resulting number. Look to the previous section to check out some of the kind of combinations you may bet on.

And that’s all there is to QQ Keno. Simple, yes?

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