Evolution Gaming — The Real Deal

Want to avoid the hassle of planning and taking an unnecessary trip to your nearest casino? Are you more inclined to spend your precious time and resources from the comfort of your own abode? Or perhaps you simply crave the “live” interaction that you get at the tables instead of the otherwise dull facade from the virtual slots?

The answer to all your conundra lies in the simple concept of live casinos.

As its name implies, live casino gaming entails what you’d typically get at any run-of-the-mill casino — with a caveat. You won’t actually be at the physical location of the casino. Instead, you can be anywhere in the world and still be able to play as if you’re physically there. 

Indeed, there are plenty of live casino operators and suppliers out there, but hardly any could be comparable to Evolution Gaming, a B2B Live Casino supplier with live gaming studio facilities located throughout the globe — often in some rather exotic locales. 

Evolution Gaming’s Live Casino Studios

Fancy a round of craps at say, always-sunny Malta? Allow Evolution Gaming to whisk you away to the paradise island and let your imagination make up the rest. 

Mayhaps you’re just down for a few rounds of classic poker? We’re sure one of their luxurious live studio casinos would suit your fancy.

Every game played at one of Evolution Gaming’s eight state-of-the-art live casino production studios (located across Europe, Canada, and the USA) is definitely as real as it gets. Moreover, their wide selection of world-class casino games is also top-notch. From Live Roulette to Live Blackjack to Live Baccarat, and plenty more, you’ll definitely find something that strikes your fancy.

How It Works: Interactive Live Casino Experience On The Evolution Gaming Platform

It’s a rather simple affair to get started on Evolution Gaming.

If you’re an operator without your own venue, you may simply use one of the aforementioned Live Casino Studios for your live streaming needs. Conversely, cost-conscious operators (along with multiple other operators in the same jurisdiction) may instead rely on land-based casinos to harness the power of online live casinos.  

But the perks definitely don’t end there. Another key benefit for operators employing the live casino concept is the potentially huge revenue opportunity afforded by one of the fastest growing online gaming sectors in the world. 

Why? Well, there’s just something to be said about having an actual person dealing your hand instead of relying on a program to calculate the odds. Or perhaps you’re simply wary of AI’s underlying potential to overcome even the most brilliant players?

Regardless, we’d say that plenty of gamers agree with this sentiment as live casinos are often considered more attractive towards both newer players and high rollers alike.

 Plus, the added benefit of localization to suit your local market makes Evolution Gaming a top-tier provider in our books. Evidently, Evolution Gaming does offer you unrivalled customization options including the best native-speaking dealers and live tables tailored to the needs of your market.  

And don’t even get us started on the wide range of easy-to-play slot games on the platform. These games also come with real-time game stats, side bets, and even a Multi-Game Play option. 

Players, we haven’t forgotten about you either. As one of the world’s best online Live Casino, Evolution Gaming undoubtedly has some of the best interactive games on their catalogue. This is definitely as close as it gets to playing in an actual top-class casino with TV-quality video streamed live to the device of your choice. Add to that an easy-to-use, yet beautifully crafted interface, and you’ve got a good time on your hands. 


Who would have thought the iconic top hat-wearing, mustached mascot from Hasbro’s classic board game, Mr. MONOPOLY would make an appearance in the live casino scene? Certainly not us, but here we are.

Created in partnership with Hasbro and available only from Evolution Gaming, MONOPOLY Live is a harmonious melding of the beloved board game and Evolution Gaming’s own popular Dream Catcher game.  

The aim of this game is simple enough. A live game host spins the super-sized, vertically mounted wheel. Your role as a player is to predict the segment the wheel is going to stop at after the spin. All the while, an AR version of Mr. MONOPOLY sits alongside ready to spring into action.

If you’re extra lucky, you may land on the “Chance” segments which award instant cash wins and multipliers. Other notable rewards include the “2 ROLLS” and “4 ROLLS” segment which will trigger an AR, 3D bonus game centred around the adventures of Mr. MONOPOLY.

Lightning Roulette

Adding a dose of electrifying RNG gameplay, Evolution Gaming’s version of roulette comes in the form of Lightning Roulette — a revolutionary extended version of roulette with extra chances to win big.

More particularly, the added Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts (50x and 500x) chance makes this one a unique playing experience for all players. Visually stunning interface aside, everything you’d expect from Evolution Gaming’s world-class Live Roulette is present — the live wheel, the live dealer, and the full lineup of roulette bets.


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