Gold Deluxe — The Gold Standard

Let’s get straight to the point, with today’s climate, it is for certain that more and more people will be looking for an online outlet to satiate their gambling cravings.  

Philippines-based Gold Deluxe is looking to fill this gap by bringing a little bit of the Gold Standard to the live casino industry. As a platform with an excellent and diverse selection of game titles (similar to Play88 online casino), we truly believe that they’re well on their way there.

The Company of more than 100 employees was established in 2011 and has seen tremendous progress towards its ultimate goal of becoming the de facto leaders in the Live Baccarat scene. 

To that end, it comes as no surprise that Gold Deluxe specializes and thrives in the online live casino platform for baccarat. But make no mistake about it, Gold Deluxe isn’t just a one-trick pony, as the platform does offer innovative and cutting edge casino solutions to almost every leading gaming sites in Asia

While Gold Deluxe is currently focused on providing the best offerings possible to its loyal clientele throughout the Asian market, the provider has also recently begun its foray into other parts of the world. 

And as one of THE trusted and most reliable live casino providers, Gold Deluxe is unsurprisingly licensed with The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) i.e. the country’s own legitimate gaming jurisdiction. 

Golden Products From Gold Deluxe

Allow us to reiterate our earlier point, Gold Deluxe is a software developer with a knack for baccarat — seriously, the platform offers multiple game interfaces and play types for this particular game. On the other hand, the Company does also offer a variety of table games, slots, and the like. Roulette is one such game that comes to mind.

Don’t worry, we’ll get to the games on offer soon enough.

Furthermore, their games support multiplayer and are developed in HTML5 for further cross-platform possibilities not unlike those that are offered by major players in the game such as Playtech. There’s no need to download or install anything with Gold Deluxe’s products. All you need is a web browser and a working Internet. Easy, right?

Gold Deluxe’s products are also fully customizable to meet the needs of each gaming operator, regardless of the location or language. Also, you’ll gain access to an extensive range of casino logistical tools like customer support, marketing, and reporting tools when you sign up with them.

But apart from those, the Company does actually cover pretty much everything else under the sun when it comes to casino games. On top of being a platform for slots, video poker, and classic arcade games, you’ll also find a unique selection of table games including Wishing Cup and Gourd Chicken. 

Gold Deluxe Live Casino Studios

As far as studio facilities go, the Gold Deluxe studio features a rather basic design. Think multiple tables placed on the same floor to mimic the casino background from any land-based environment.

One thing to note, however, is that sound is not streamed and the dealers are silent. There’s also no live chat option here. So if you’re looking for something a little bit more interactive then perhaps this is not it. 

The Lobby displays games with plenty of related gaming information like detailed overviews, time remaining, and also the choices of bets available. In short, a straightforward interface. 

A multi-table functionality also allows players to select up to three tables for which they may play simultaneously.

Gold Deluxe’s Offerings

Here are some of the mainstays in Golden Deluxe’s simple, yet well-received catalogue of games:

  • Classic Baccarat: Standard rules apply including multiple bet types. These range from Banker/Player Pair, or Big and Small. The basic variant features a simple betting board without trying to replicate the genuine experience, so players may immediately jump in and start.
  • Classic Roulette: This European game comes in the form of three modes i.e. the Standard, 32-47-71, and the 29-59-89-119 format. The payout odds of Straight bets are substituted by dynamic odds and can reward odds of either 32/47/71 to 1 or 29/59/89/119 to 1. The interface is similar to the one you’ll get from the aforementioned Baccarat.
  • Classic Sic Bo: You wouldn’t call yourself an Asia-based online casino without including this traditional Asian game, and Gold Deluxe doesn’t disappoint. The game is easy enough — players bet on the outcome of three dice rolls (ranging from big, small, triples, odds, evans, etc.), that’s literally it.

Safe And Secure With Gold Deluxe

Priding themselves as the true Live Dealer Casino experts, Gold Deluxe looks to provide the best experience and most diverse game interface/bet types in the market today. With their innovative products, players may log in to the platform directly with no additional login required.

Security-wise, the Gold Deluxe infrastructure supports multiple standard safety practises, such as one-way authentication, three-way authentication, easy wallet transfer, seamless wallet functionality, and more!

And all of the above is without discounting the world-class online customer service on offer that will be more than happy to assist you. The Gold Deluxe customer service is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.


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